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The Thanyapura Legends of Triathlon Episode 11 - Karen Smyers

Karen Smyers is a woman who is not just an amazing athlete but is also an amazing person. Here's a bit about her from her website, Karen Smyers is one of the most versatile women in the history of triathlon. Over her professional career, she accumulated seven national triathlon titles (including six in a row), one national duathlon title, two world triathlon medals, and one victory at Ironman Kona. Her 1995 double of winning at Kona and returning two weeks later to capture the ITU triathlon world title is perhaps the single most remarkable achievement in the sport to date. Karen was also a Pan American Games gold medalist and a three-time USOC Triathlete of the Year. She continues to serve as an inspiration through her coaching, writing, speaking, and sharing her story of surviving cancer.

This month Karen shares her experiences with us. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 10 - Mark Allen

From Mark Allen Online: No triathlete has gained the recognition or success that Mark Allen has. After competing and losing in the Ironman Triathlon Championships six times, he emerged victorious in 1989, winning the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world.

It would be the first of six Ironman victories for Allen, the last coming in 1995 at age 37, making him the oldest champion ever. He has also excelled at the Olympic distance, winning the sport's inaugural World Championships in 1989 in Avignon, France, by more than a minute. He went undefeated in 10 trips to the Nice International Championships, and from 1988-1990 he put together a winning streak of 20 races.

Over the course of his racing career, which ended in 1996, he maintained a 90% average in top-three finishes. He was named Triathlete of the Year six times by Triathlete magazine, and in 1997 Outside magazine tabbed him The World's Fittest Man.

In this months show we talk to Mark about his whole career and what it took to be the greatest in such a hard sport. 





Legends of Triathlon Episode 9 - Mike Plant

Author, photographer, journalist, freelance writer and entrepreneur, Mike Plant has been involved in competitive sports, sports journalism, marketing and event production, for more than 40 years. Mike was an early leader in the sport of triathlon, where as a journalist, photographer, media consultant and publisher he helped introduce the fledgling sport to a generation of mainstream journalists.  Triathlete magazine in 1986 called him the “Dean of Triathlon Writers,” a modest accolade considering the number of triathlon there were at the time, but it was, if nothing else, indicative of his influence in the sport.  

In this months show he shares some great stories from the early years. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 8 - Scott Tinley 


One of the Big 4, Scott Tinley was a early pioneer of the sport. The two time winner of the World Champs had many amazing victories in his long career. Outside of being an athlete he had a clothing range and also has done some great work on moving on from professional sport. 

In this months show he shares many of the great stories from his long career. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 7 - Scott Molina

In our first interview with one of the 'Big 4' we have legend Scott Molina on the show. Scott is a great story tellin and this interview was one where he shared so many of his amazing memories. He shares how the sport grew from a little 'insiders' thing into what it is today. If you have a passion for triathlon you will love this interview.