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Legends of Triathlon Episode 4 - Loreen Barnett

Back before triathlon was a big sport that was raced at the Olympics there was a group of very passionate people who committed all their time and energy into build a professional foundation that turned into the ITU. Loreen Barnett was one of the people who was there from the start. In this months show she shares many of the stories about where the sport came from and how it got to where it is today. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 3 - Simon Whitfield

This month we have the first ever Olympic triathlon gold metalist Simon Whitfield. That historic win started an amazing career where he won a silver metal at the Beljing Olympics, has had 12 world cup wins, a Commonwealth Games gold and many more great race. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 2 - Erin Baker 

In this months show we have one of the most successful female triathletes of all time, Erin Baker. In her professional career she raced in 121 race of which she won 104! She also won world Championships across all the different distances in the sport. 

She was often an outspoken person in the sport who had a huge influence on issues like equal prize money for both Female and Male athletes. A true legend of triathlon. 




Legends of Triathlon Episode 1 - Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith was one of the worlds top triathletes the 90's. Winning three world championships with his super fast swim/bike combo. In his career he managed to achieve some amazing feats but there was also plenty of tough times. In the first episode of Legends of Triathlon we sit down with Spencer and he shares his life as a triathlete. A true legend of the sport. 

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Legends of Triathlon Promo Show

Welcome to Legends of Triathlon. Bevan and John from IMTalk, the worlds leading Ironman podcast, have put this show together to help the great sport of Triathlon have a record of it's short life. Each month we'll have a legend of the sport on the show to share their stories that helped in shaping triathlon. 

Here's is a promo show that you can listen to so hear about what we'll be doing.