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Legends of Triathlon 49 - Jan Wanklyn

In the 90's Jan Wanklyn won 5 Ironman races, including the European Championship. She also had many Kona top ten finishes. Jan was also instrumental in equal pay days for female athletes. On this months show she shares many stories from her time in the sport. 




Legends of Triathlon 48 - Kurt Madden

This month we have the first ever winner of the Ultraman world championship, Kurt Madden. Kurt was a top 10 Kona finisher and managed to win Ultraman twice in the early eighties. On the show he shares many amazing stories from his time in the sport. 




Legends of Triathlon 47 - Barrie Shepley

Barrie Shepley is one of the voices of ITU. He's been at the forefront of the sport from the early years. Barrie has so many amazing stories about the sport, many of them he shares on this months show. If you want to follow Barrie click here for his twitter account:




Legends of Triathlon 46 - Miles Stewart


Miles Stewart was a top pro triathlete from Australia in the 90's and early 2000's. He was known as an athlete who pulled out his best performances on the most challenging days. In this time he won the ITU World Championships, many ITU Cup races, and a Commonwealth Games metal. On this months show he shares many of the stories from his very successful career. 



Legends of Triathlon 45 - Fernanda Keller

Fernanda Keller had an amazing career as a pro athlete, which included six third place results at the world championships in Kona. Outside of the sport Keller has become a household name in Brazil where she has used her exposure to do some phenomenal work in helping all parts of society. On this months show Keller shares many experiences from her amazing life.