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Legends of Triathlon 44 - Thea Sybes

Many people think that the first female to go sub 9 hours is Paula Newby Fraser but this wasn't the case. It was in fact an athlete my the name of Thea Sybes. In a very short career Thea achieve some amazing results. On this months show we talk to Thea about her time in Triathlon.




Legends of Triathlon - Sarah Springman

Sarah Springman is a name that few in the sport of triathlon may know of, but they would have been affected by the work she has done in the sport. From being a very successful athlete in the early years of the sport Springman went on to play a big part in the governance of the sport. 

On this months show Sarah shares many great stories from her sporting time in triathlon.




Legends of Triathlon 42 - Julie Moss

Julie Moss is one of the icons of Ironman. In 1982 she was in the lead of the Ironman World Champs with a mile to go. At this point she became severely dehydrated and had to stagger and crawl to the finish line, where she was passed with only meters to go. This event was boardcasted on Wide World of Sport in America and overnight Julie Moss and Ironman were in the public consciousness. She went on to have a very successful IM career. 

On this months show Julie shares many of the stories of her triathlon life, it's a great interview. 

Check out this amazing youtube clip of 82.




Legends of Triathlon 41 - Vinu Malik

Many of us have used a FuelBelt in our training and racing over the years. It's a vital part of many triathletes gear pack. On this months show we have an interview with the inventor and CEO of FuelBelt, Vinu Malik. Vinu shares his story about how FuelBelt started and how it has grown over the years, he also shares some of his many athletic experiences. 

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Legends of Triathlon 40 - Dan Empfield

Dan Empfield is an entrepreneur in the world of multisport, inventor of the triathlon wetsuit in 1987, and the triathlon-specific racing bike in 1989. The original designs were manufactured by the Quintana Roo, which he founded in 1987. He is also the editor and publisher of the popular on-line triathlon news website

Empfield has been inducted into the Triathlete Magazine Hall of Fame and the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame and has been activity involved in many aspects of the sport. 

On this months show he shares many stories from his long career in triathlon.