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Legends of Triathlon 36 - Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, professional speaker, was a professional triathlete, and iPhone app developer. Edwards has helped to organize both the national and international governing body for the sport triathlon and was just inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame. She also wrote the first book on triathlons, and 6 subsequent books on the sport. On this months show she shares many of her experiences from her time in the sport. 






Legends of Triathlon 35 - Matt Brick

Matt Brick is a very successful man. Being a leading surgeon is one thing but he has also been a world champion athlete. In the early 90's he won the world Duathlon Championships two years in a row. He has had a very interesting life where he has gone through many struggles and successes. On this months show he shares many of the experiences of his journey. 




Legends of Triathlon 34 - John Duke

John Duke was the publisher and CEO of Triathlete Magazine, and has been at the forefront of the tri industry since the beginning of the 80’s. He's a man who's been in the game for a long time and has many great story. Athletically he has been racing since the early 80’s and he has finished Ironman as fast as 10:04. On this months show he shares many insights into the sport we love. 




Legends of Triathlon 33 - Tim Deboom

Tim Deboom ended his swimming career at university and then thought he would start triathlon. In a short period of time he became a world champion age group champion at the Olympic distance. From there his career when from strength to strength to the point where he became the Ironman World Champion. He then went back the next year to repeat this amazing feat. In this months show Tim shares many of the stories from his amazing time in the sport. You can check out Tim's website here




Legends of Triathlon 32 - Steve King

While Steve King isn't known massively around the world he is one of the key names in the sport of triathlon in Canada. From the very start of triathlon in Canada Steve has played a big role in the sport. While he is known as the voice of the sport he's also been a big player in creating the success of sport in Canada. Outside of this Steve also completed many challenging endurance events. In this months show he shares many great stories from his time in the sport. 



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