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Legends of Triathlon 31 - Lisa Bentley

Lisa Bentley raced for 20 years as a professional triathlete. In the course of her career, she has won 11 IRONMAN races, 11 IRONMAN 70.3 races (1/2 IRONMAN), several top 5 finishes at the IRONMAN World Championships, represented Canada on multiple National Teams and at the Pan American Games and was ranked top 5 in the world for a decade. She competed at the highest level despite having Cystic Fibrosis - a genetic lung disease resulting in chronic infections and limited lung capacity. Her CF was very controllable for much of her career and ironically, Lisa saw it as a blessing, which fuelled her passion for sport and excellence. In Lisa’s words, “every time I raced, I knew that my race served a higher purpose to give families hope that their children with CF could achieve similar things in life. And sport kept my lungs healthy so it was a double blessing!”

On this months show we have a great interview with Lisa. 




Legends of Triathlon 30 - Ken Baggs

Ken Baggs is one of the 'behind the scenes' guys who had a big influence on triathlon in Australia. He started out being a helper at the first Ironman in Australia and when on to become the race director for many of the big Australian races. Ken has seen the sport grow from some small niche product into what is it today. In this months show Ken shares many stories about his journey. 




Legends of Triathlon 29 - Ray Browning

In a time where their weren't many Ironman races aroudn the world Ray Browning managed to win 7 titles. Over his 10 year career he achieve some great results. Browning was also a very science based thinker in a time where their wasn't a lot known about our sport. In this months show Ray shares many of the experiences from his time in Triathlon.  




Legends of Triathlon 28 - Lothar Leder

The first person to crack the sub 8 hour Ironman Lothar Leder was a hugely successful athlete. He won the European Championship in Roth 5 times, had two podiums in Kona, and won many other races around the world. This German machine is definitely a legend of triathlon. 

Check out his websites here:,




Legends of Triathlon 27 - Mike Reilly

Many of us have crossed the finish line of an Ironman race and hear those magical words 'You are an Ironman!'. On this month show we have the voice of Ironman Mike Reilly. Mike has called in over 130 Ironman races around the world and on this months show he shares many of his amazing stories in our great sport. 



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