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Jackie Fairweather (Gallagher) is the only athlete to with both the ITU world champs and the Duathlon champs in one year. In the 1990's she was one of the top athletes in the world who would win or podium in just about all of the raced in. In this months show she shares her experiences in triathlon over the years.




The Thanyapura Legends of Triathlon Episode 20 - Jim Curl and Carl Thoma



Jim Curl and Carl Thomas and their crew brought the world the USTA triathlon series, the birthplace of big time triathlon in the 80's. They brought innovation and strong business thinking to create races that seemed to be ahead of there time. In this months show they share some of the stories and experiences they had during the early days of triathlon. 




The Thanyapura Legends of Triathlon Episode 19 - Peter Reid

Peter Reid goes down as one of the top 5 Ironman triathletes of all time. Peter was hugely successful in Hawaii, winning the world champs three times, but he won many races all around the world. In this months interview Peter shares many of his experiences and what motivated him throughout his career. It's a great interview.  




The Thanyapura Legends of Triathlon Episode 18 - Brad Beven

In the 1990's Brad Beven was one of the key names in Triathlon. This four time winner of the World Cup Series was one of the top athletes to look out for at any race. He had a huge success rate in all types of racing. Brad will go down as one of the top athletes of all time. On this months show he shares many of the amazing experiences he experienced throughout his athletic career. 




The Thanyapura Legends of Triathlon Episode 17 - Pauli Kiuru

Pauli Kiuru is one of the greats of the early to mid 90s. He came close to beating Mark Allen in Kona when Mark was in his prime. Outside of Kona he won IM Australia 4 times, NZ once and Germany twice. Pauli was known as an animal trainer who was 100% disciplined to his goal of being the best athlete that he could be. 

On this months show Pauli shares his experiences of his time as one of the top pro's in our sport. 



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