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Legends of Triathlon 52 - Chrissie Wellington

On this episode we have one of the best IM athletes of all time, Chrissie Wellington. She currently holds the fastest IM by a female, she won Kona four times, and she took the sport to a new level for female racing. On this episode Chrissie shares many of the great stories from her career. 

You can check out Chrissie here:




Legends of Triathlon 51 - Bill Black

Bill Black was a lecturer in PE, Sport and Recreation when he heard about this sport called triathlon. In a very short period of time he became a coach and started working with Spencer Smith. This started a long career as one of the worlds leading triathlon coaches. On this episode Bill shares many of the stories of his time in the sport. 

You can check bill out here:  




Legends of Triathlon 50 - Siri Lindley

Siri Lindley is a top triathlon coach who was a very successful triathlete in her time, being the 2001 ITU World Champ. Her story is an amazing one for many reasons, including that she started late in the sport as an age group. On this episode of Legends of Triathlon she shares many these amazing stories with us. You can check her website out here:

Siri has recently released her book, Surfacing. You can get it here. 




Legends of Triathlon 49 - Jan Wanklyn

In the 90's Jan Wanklyn won 5 Ironman races, including the European Championship. She also had many Kona top ten finishes. Jan was also instrumental in equal pay days for female athletes. On this months show she shares many stories from her time in the sport. 




Legends of Triathlon 48 - Kurt Madden

This month we have the first ever winner of the Ultraman world championship, Kurt Madden. Kurt was a top 10 Kona finisher and managed to win Ultraman twice in the early eighties. On the show he shares many amazing stories from his time in the sport.