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Legends of Triathlon 27 - Mike Reilly

Many of us have crossed the finish line of an Ironman race and hear those magical words 'You are an Ironman!'. On this month show we have the voice of Ironman Mike Reilly. Mike has called in over 130 Ironman races around the world and on this months show he shares many of his amazing stories in our great sport. 



Thanyapura Triathlon Super Camp! 

Join Macca at the Thanyapura Supercamp! This is the perfect lead up to Kona and it is being run at the worlds best training facility. Check it out here:


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Legends of Triathlon 26 - Heather Fuhr

Ironman World Champion from the 1997 champs Heather Fuhr is on the show this month. Over her IM career she managed to win fifteen IM titles and also won four Powerman titles. While she was never the fastest swimmer she was super fast off the bike which would mean that many athletes would feel her passing them as they headed to the finishing line. 

In this months show she shares many of the experience from her very successful career. It's a great interview. 




Legends of Triathlon 25 - Juergen Zaeck

Juergen Zaeck will go down as one of the greatest Ironmen not to win Kona. In the 90's Juergan dominated many of the toughest races in the world. He was also one of the first guys to go under 8 hours. Now days he works at Thanyapura as a coach to all levels of athletes. In this months show he shares many of the experiences he has had over the years. 





Legends of Triathlon 24 - Rick Wells

Rick Wells grew up as a swimming kid and represented New Zealand in the pool before moving into triathlon. His transition was very successful as he went on to become a world champion in the short course and long course distances. On this months show Rick shares many of his stories about his career both inside and outside of the sport. 




Legends of Triathlon 23 - Kenny Souza

In the 80's and 90's Kenny Souza was the top Duathlete in the world. He was known for being a great Duathlete as well as being someone who push the edge with his image. On this months show he shares many stories from his career and his peers from that time. It's a great interview.